Coming Out

Coming out is a distinct aspect of life for LGBTQ+ people; a process of self-disclosure to ourselves and those around us. LGBTQ+ identities are frequently subjected to lack of visibility and coming out can be a liberating decision.
LGBTQ+ individuals may be at very different places in their journeys towards coming out. Coming out is a personal process, and there are plenty of people around the university who understand the struggles and are ready to help. There is no pressure to come out as it’s a personal choice, not an obligation! Many choose to come out at university, and it’s unlikely that you’ll face hostility should you choose to do so. It’s important to remember that you are under no pressure to tell the whole world or everyone all at once. Take the steps which make you comfortable and happy, even if that’s coming out to your closest friends first. You’ll likely be surprised by the support and encouragement you receive from those around you. If you need any advice, the society’s committee will be available to help, as will your college’s LGBTQ+ rep!

Useful Links

The gay rights charity Stonewall have a section on their youth website dedicated to the coming out process, with lots of information and advice for LGBT people who are considering coming out, found here.

The NHS has some helpful online resources about the coming out process. In particular, they have a page dedicated to coming out as trans, and addressing the specific issues faced by anyone coming out as trans, found here.