Welfare in Oxford

In Oxford, there are a number of great welfare resources that you can take advantage of.

  • Your College Nurse – Most colleges have some sort of nurse (perhaps shared with other colleges) who is usually around most days during the week who can be a first point of contact for questions. They are generally quite quick and easy to use but may not have the right information to help you out with specific LGBTQ health-related issues.
  • Your College GP – Your GP may have more generalised training and expertise to help you with any issues. Depending on your college, you can either make an appointment directly or through the college nurse.
  • The Society (Us!) – If there’s any issue that we can help you with, feel free to contact any of the welfare reps on the committee via email or in person. Any discussion is confidential and if we aren’t able to help you out with your problem, we’ll try to point you to someone who can. Our contact addresses can be found here.
  • PACE – www.pacehealth.org.uk/

For more generalised welfare support, colleges have different provisions. Many have a LGBTQ+ rep who is normally happy to give advice on welfare related issues. If you feel uncomfortable talking to them, again feel free to email anyone on the committee. The University Counselling Service is also available to support you. Finally, the other pages on our website provide information about other welfare-related issues, such as mental and sexual health, and specific resources for women and those whose identity includes woman and trans people.